One of the very best things about a hand made card from CardsbyClaire is that I really can make something totally unique to your needs.  Here’s just a few examples of cards I have been asked to make for people and the brief given..

“He is quite old fashioned with a quirky and clever sense of humour so needs to be funny but definitely not rude. He likes fine wine and is sensitive about his age.” I had to think a while about this but finally came up with a wine label theme. This allowed the year of birth rather than the number now to be used, with a play on words and a few teeny vintage stamps. The sepia colouring adds to the general vintage theme. This was a medium sizes 14cm square.
Another leaving card and another very specific brief! This time the client provided the main pic and the wording and just wanted it made into a card. I started by embellishing the original picture with glitter card for curtains and some re-inking to make the colours stronger. I then decided to create “flags” over the stage which were individually die cut and then stamped. I mixed the colours and background shapes for the lettering to add interest and used multiple card layers tone in with the colours of the pic. This was a very large A4 size.
This was a very specific brief. The client wanted a man jumping overboard with the wording shown for a work colleague off to pastures new. I used clarity stamps letters for the message and the little man, then stamped half of a boat (Stampin Up!) to make it look like it was sinking. I added some fine pen lines to create ripples in the sea (which was created using a wet ink brushing technique). The card is extra large at 21cm and features an unusual base design.
This fathers day card for a keen diver (no kidding) was made using various brayering, punching and stamping techniques.






This accountant’s Mum wanted a numbers themed card for her Son and Daughter-in-Law’s first anniversary. I created a bold stencilled background and then overlaid parchment, which i embossed with various times (minute,s seconds etc) that each made 1 year. Some ribbon and a central sentiment tied it all together perfectly.
Champagne, bubbles, gold and sparkle were the themes for this party girl modern Mum, and I was under strict instructions to include the “number” but not too obviously! I used gilding flakes, a stencil and fine glitter under a sticky acetate for the main panel and then stamped “lets celebrate” randomly over the background card. A bubbling glass of golden fizz and a toning sentiment completed this one.
This client had a specific verse she liked and wanted a colourful and unusual card designed around that for her big sis. It was clear from our conversations that family was important to her so I designed a background using words associated with family (love, protection, comfort, fun etc) and that layered a hand coloured parchment scene  over that. The 2 sisters are at opposite ends of a long road but are still joined by the pathway. The central verse ties everything together and of course the age and name had to be added.
“He is really into his vintage cars..” An A4 sized card using brushos and shimmer paints with a hand coloured image and dye cut lettering. The client didn’t specify colours so I chose a fairly classic scheme, with a hint of that most famous of classic car shades – British Racing Green.

















This card was ordered by a keen sailor who wanted a classic sailing themed card for his baby son. The use of parchment gives a softer feel and the beige offsets nicely with the different shades of blue. The (deliberately childlike) boat itself is made using various die cut shapes which are mounted in place using little foam pads so they stand out.